5 Types of Blogs That Have Become Money Machines

There are many types of blogs that have really become money machines online. There are many different blogs that you can write. Many people have turned them into money. You can really do a lot with blogging, probably more than you can imagine. One of those type of blogs is known as collaborative blog. This type of blog is used like a web log that has many different authors. Another blog is known as the how to tutorial blogs. This type of blog actually contains information on how to do something, and many people are used to seeing these types of blogs everywhere. The third type of blog that has really become a money machine is known as the travel and cultural blog. Writers who love journeys, etc. are going to love writing topics on these blogs. The fourth type of blog that has become a money machine is fashion and lifestyle blog. The last type of blog is a personal blog. This blog you can write about whatever you like. Usually these are all things that are relating to your life in general. There’s so many different blogs out there, but only a few of them are money machines.

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